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Bryce is a California-based writer and photographer. He's covered wide-ranging topics for many publications—from fly fishing Chile’s Patagonia and luxury ski vacations in the Alps, to profiles of world-renowned winemakers and the planet's best athletes. Bryce has reported on site at major national and international events like the Olympic Winter Games, NCAA Championships, and the F.I.S. Alpine World and World Junior Championships. His stories and photos appear in consumer glossies from Men’s Journal to Mac|Life, many sports publications, university alumni magazines, and dozens of B2B publications in the U.S. and abroad.

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"Hubner can give you anything you want in a digital photograph, though his natural tendency eschews post-production editing in favor of sharp, honest compositions."


"Bryce is an old-school writer in the very best way: he crafts compelling, dynamic ledes and frames; he employs superb, engaging diction; his work is meticulously researched; and he delivers on time, every time."